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Bayou Land Families Helping Families

(985) 447-4461/800-331-5570

A non-profit family resource center. They are a group of families who, through our own experiences, promote peer support and advocacy and are committed to alleviating hardships of other families who have members with disabilities or special needs.

Families Helping Families of Baton Rouge


A non-profit, family directed resource center for individuals with disabilities and their families. It is a place where families can go that is directed and staffed by parents or family members of children with disabilities or adults with disabilities. It is this common experience that gives Families Helping Families a very unique approach to serving families. FHF of Greater Baton Rouge offers these benefits: information and referral education; training parent to parent support

New Heights Therapy Center

(985) 796-4600

Horseback riding therapy for children with emotional or mental disabilities

Families Helping Families

225-216-7474 | Toll Free: 1-866-216-7474

To provide the individualized services, information, and support needed to positively enhance the independence, productivity, and integration of people with disabilities into the community.

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