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HUD Colorado

Provides information about homeownership and foreclosure avoidance

Colorado Housing Assistance Corporation

(866) 377-7835

Counseling and education for first-time home buyers and financial assistance

Colorado Lenders

(303) 578-9202

Provide loans and down payment assistance

Collective Net

Umbrella organization of career networking groups designed to maximize job seeking and employee search efforts by providing a central location of candidates, contacts, leads and information, weekly networking groups across the state of Colorado

Colorado Works

(800) 536-5298

The Colorado Works Program serves low-income families with children by providing income assistance and supportive services to help participants become and remain self-sufficient.

Aurora Home Ownership Assistance Program

(303) 739-7966

Provides assistance for local families to buy homes

City of Denver Housing Assistance

(720) 944-3666

Provides services to homeless or at-risk people

Denver’s Road Home

(720) 944-2508

Resources for the homeless


(303) 534-8342

Provides homeownership and foreclosure counseling

City of Boulder Department of Housing

Provides housing and information regarding housing in Boulder

El Paso County Turnkey Mortgage Program

Provides down payment assistance and mortgage assistance to El Paso County residents

Colorado Department of Human Services - Colorado Works

(800) 536-5298

The Colorado Works Program provides many types of assistance to children and families in need. The URL provided links to a multibenefit application, where the applicant can choose from many public assistance services.

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