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ASK Resource Center


Parent training, information, and advocacy center for families of children with special needs across the state of Iowa.

Des Moines Parent

Des Moines Parent is an online community for Central Iowa Parents.  It provides tips, ideas, events, activities and suggestions to get fellow parents through the day.  Its target audience includes parents with kids aged 12 and under in Central Iowa. The web page offers an event calendar, a list of fun and friendly things to do, and there is also a "family friendly" listings page covering a variety of services and recreational opportunities.

Dubuque County Early Childhood


This organization offers variety of services through its projects, including preschool scholarships, child care support, family support, child health services, kids expos, a kindergarten survey, early literacy and others. The organization publishes a Family connections Booklet with articles by childhood experts. Its website offers links to family activities around Dubuque.

Single and Parenting


Structured single parent support group; no cost; childcare provided

Together We Can

(800) 262-3804

Together We Can: Creating a Healthy Future for our Family is a series of workshops to help parents gain knowledge and skills needed to create healthy family and co-parenting relationships.

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