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Alaska Family Services

(907) 746-4080

The Family Support and Preservation Program offers parenting workshops, one-on-one guidance, and in-home services designed to improve parenting skills and keep children safe.


The organization is engaged in the Family Friendly Employers project that encourages local businesses to explore family-friendly policies and procedures that help their employees balance work and family life.Their website offers resources and links for parents in the Juneau area along with a parent bulletin. Back issues are available online.

Peninsula Community Health Services of Alaska


TCHS offers an innovative program called Parenting with Love and Limits. It is focused on helping caregiver and youth to gain experience in knowledge about parenting skills and how families can interact in a health way, including how to deal with destructive behavior in youth.

Resource Center for Parents and Children

(907) 456-2866

Parenting eduction with tips, recipes, breastfeeding tips, nutrition, workshops, etc

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