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Outfront Minnesota

612-822-0127 or toll free 800.800.0350

This organization works toward equality for all LGBTQ individuals by focusing on community organizing, public policy, anti-violence, law, and education and training. it holds a Youth Summit in conjunction with Minnesota School Pride GSA Network, and provides a page where people can sign up to become active in their causes.

Gay/Lesbian Community Services of Southeast Minnesota

This volunteer organization provides educational, informational, and social resources to the LGBT communities, their family and friends, and other interested persons and allies. They work closely with LGBT-related groups, human and social service agencies, educational institutions, churches, and other organizations. They hold educational and social events, outreach and speaking engagements for local groups and organizations, and have a lending library of fiction and non-fiction materials. They provide coming-out resources as well as referrals to LGBTA counseling and area clergy. They have significant additional resource and contact materials to offer.

Saint Paul Public Schools Office of Equity


The St. Paul Public Schools website offers this resource on queer youth social events, news, advocacy events, and other happenings. There is a calendar on the site. One can also read the school's gender inclusion policy.

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