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This website links LGBTQ people and their allies to resources on health, advocacy, transgender issues, youth groups, houses of worship, and other social opportunities. The center has a library, referral directory for medical, counseling, and legal assistance, and other issues.

All Under One Roof

This center supports LGBT youth through community outreach and education, leadership and life skills development, health and wellness education, outreach and support for the HIV community, and safe and life-affirming social activities.

Boise Pridefest

Boise Pridefest celebrates and encourages positive diversity by educating people through the development of activities that showcase the history, accomplishments, and talents of its LGBT communities.

Your Family, Friends and Neighbors

This organization provides gender identity and sexual orientation advocacy for Idaho. One can learn about Queer Television, a Tri-States transgender group, a parenting group, and a youth group. Pride events are also listed here.

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