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Texas Inmate Families Association

(512) 371-0900

TIFA works to break the cycle of crime by strengthening families through support, education, and advocacy. TIFA also provides parole workshops as well as online resources for our members.

Promises for Families


Promises for Families is dedicated to providing quality summer camp, after- school mentoring programs and academic tutoring for children with a parent in prison, enabling them to work through the grieving process in a positive and healing manner.

Seedling’s Promise


Seedling’s Promise is a one-on-one school-based mentoring program for children, ages 5-18, who have an incarcerated parent. Emphasis is placed on long-term mentor relationships.



To modify behavior of incarcerated parents with parenting and life skills training; to strengthen the parent-child relationship during incarceration, to lesson the trauma of separation for the children.

Against the Odds (ATO) Mentoring Program


Against the Odds Mentoring Program empowers the children with incarcerated parents to maximize their potential by providing academic, social and moral enrichment through supportive adult to child relationships that emphasize well being and advancement. The program focuses on three key factors: 1. Encouraging the child (ages 4-18); 2. Strengthening the family; and 3. Enhancing the community.

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