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Tower of Refuge


Tower of Refuge is a grassroots organization whose primary purpose is to reduce the rate of recidivism in the state of Illinois through various programs and community effort. We provide a continuum of services to address the complete needs of individuals who are incarcerated, once were incarcerated and their families. Their services include training, education, counseling, HIV/AIDS awareness and homelessness prevention through housing assistance. Our services and programs focus on improving the successful continuous rehabilitation of the incarcerated and the formerly incarcerated while rebuilding and reconciling family relationships.

Montana Prison Family Netowrk

A networking group where families of inmates that are currently residing or have resided in the Montana prison system can come together.

University of Missouri Extension 4-H LIFE Program


4-H LIFE is a family strengthening program designed to address the needs of children of incarcerated parents and their family members. 4-H LIFE provides a healthy and nurturing family environment during enhanced visits at state correction centers.

Parent Link


Our goal is to support Missouri families in making the best possible choices for their families.

The Storybook Project


Helps to build relationships between incarcerated non-custodial parents and their children through books. They package and mail books, written messages, and CD recordings of parents reading to their children.

Detroit Parent Network

(313) 309-8106

Supports solo parents

Region IV Area Agency on Aging


Grandparents and relatives raising children with incarcerated parents receive a broad array of support services

Julie’s Family Learning Program


Julie’s is a community-based family support and education program that is committed to the development of strong, stable, healthy family functioning.


(508) 755-1228

Pernet Family Health Service is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit, DPH-certified home-health agency working with individuals and families to provide family-centered, health and social services that lead to long term strengthening and enhancement of family and community life.

The Sunshine Lady Foundation, Inc.

The mission of the Sunshine Lady Foundation is to invest in organizations and programs dedicated to providing opportunities for the advancement of education, well being and new life choices for disadvantaged people with special empathy for the working poor and families in crisis. Acknowledging that good luck does not shine equally on everyone, the Sunshine Lady Foundation directors, staff and volunteers, known as Sunbeams, seek out ways to effectively share financial support, goodwill, energy and vision with those who need it most, and to encourage collaborative efforts within the community to help achieve this mission.

Louisiana Conference of the United Methodist Church

Gail Pickering at (318) 345-1018 or Cheryl Johnson at (225) 664-0956.

Summer camp for kids with incarcerated parent(s)

Family Resources and Youth Services of Kentucky


The Family Resource and Youth Services Coalition of Kentucky (FRYSCKy) is a non-profit organization of professionals (including educators and human services providers) who come together to provide legislative advocacy, training and support for Family Resource and Youth Services Centers Coordinators and their staff in Kentucky. The goal of the Coalition is to promote a network that strives to remove barriers to success in school through learning from each other, sharing resources and collaborating more effectively on behalf of children, youth and families.

The Child and Family Policy Center


The Child and Family Policy Center is a nonprofit research and advocacy organization promoting outcome-based policies that improve child well-being. It focuses on a range of policy areas in Iowa, including child care and early education, health and well-being, and family economic success. CFPC also conducts national evaluation work focused on early-childhood system building and policy development promoting comprehensive, asset-based approaches to supporting children and families.

Family Reunification Program


Support, resources, newsletter, comprehensive services to the families of incarcerated individuals during the incarceration period and to the incarcerated individual six months prior to his or her release.

Use What You’ve Got Prison Ministry Keeping Families Connected, Inc


Use What You’ve Got Prison Ministry is a prison shuttle service that enables families and friends with no means of transportation to visit loved ones in prison facilities throughout Indiana.

Lutheran Social Services of Illinois


Provides support to incarcerated men and women, and their children and caregivers. Services include transportation for visits to moms (incarcerated in Illinois); family literacy programs for incarcerated mothers and fathers at 19 jails and prisons to record storybooks that are sent to their children; support groups for caregivers; re-entry and family reunification support, information and referral; collaborates with prisons and Habitat for Humanity to enable incarcerated adults and juveniles to construct components for homes for low-income families, and connects previously incarcerated ‘home builders’ with Habitat for Humanity.

Alabama Prison Project


Support and resources for families and prisoners

Alabama Department of Corrections Reentry and Pre-release Program

(334) 353-3883

Resources for inmates and their families pertaining to reentry and release from Alabama Prisons

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