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Southern New Hampshire Services

603 668 8010

Nutrition, housing, jobs, etc

International Institute of New England

(603) 647-1500

Resettlement, work, financial advise

Organization for Refugee and Immigrant Success

(603) 296-0443

The Organization for Refugee and Immigrant Success (ORIS) is an ethnic community-based organization located in Manchester, New Hampshire. Our mission is to aid in the resettlement of refugee and immigrant groups in the state of NH by providing assistance, training, resources, and opportunities that promote self-sufficiency. Over the past five years, ORIS has developed the resources and capabilities to foster the self-sufficiency and integration of new Americans, including the development of an experienced, multinational, and multilingual staff and consultant team.

Catholic Charities New Hampshire - Immigration and Refugee Services


Our office of Immigration and Refugee Services welcomes newcomers and provides casework, support and guidance for various immigration-related issues. Individuals and families that are eligible for immigration benefits, but who cannot afford private assistance, are provided with low-cost immigration counseling and legal representation.

USCIS Application Support Center

Application support center in Manchester

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