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Legal Aid of Wyoming


Low cost legal help and community outreach

Conexion Americas

(615) 320-5152

Legal, parent/school liaison, housing, jobs, etc

Las Americas

(915) 544-5126

Legal services

Immigration Service and Aid Center


Helping Christian churches' immigrant members

North Carolina Central University School of Law


Volunteer immigration lawyers offer presentations

The University of NC/Greenboro


Outreach via Immigrant Health Access Project

Community Refugee and Immigration Services


Jobs, legal, outreach, etc

Asian Services in Action


Mentoring, outreach, health, etc. for Asian American Ohioans

Catholic Charities of Oklahoma City


Legal help

Latin Community Development Agency


Community, family, health, etc

Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon

(503) 221-1054

Housing, food, jobs, etc

Immigration Counseling Service

(503) 221-1689

Low cost legal counseling

Welcoming Center for New Pennsylvanians

(215) 557-2626

Learning English, finding jobs and training, legal advice, etc

Cap 4 Kids of Pittsburgh

(412) 422-8795

Housing, jobs, health care, etc

Dorcas International Institute of Rhode Island

(401) 784-8606

Legal, ESL, family literacy program

Progreso Latino


Legal, family eduction programs, health, etc

SC Pasos

(803) 777-5466

Education and support for Latino families

South Carolina Legal Services

(888) 346-5592

Low cost and free legal services

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