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Kentucky Domestic Violence Association

502-209-KDVA (209-5382)

Resources for victims and information for professionals



Work toward the elimination of sexual violence through program support, education, and social change.

Louisiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence

(225) 752-1296

Provide training and technical assistance to local member programs and allies

(207) 287-3707

List of statewide services including domestic violence

Maine Coalition Against Sexual Assault


Provides support and assistance to Maine's sexual violence service providers and serving as a liaison between the centers and our statewide and national partners

Maryland Coalition Against Sexual Assault


List of rape crisis and recovery centers, resources, and legal services

Maryland Network Against Domestic Violence


Provides resources to domestic violence victims and information to advocates and professionals

Jane Doe Inc


A coalition of 60 local member programs working together with our allies to find lasting solutions that promote the safety, liberty, and dignity for victims and survivors of sexual and domestic violence

Massachussetts DHHS: Rape and Crisis Centers


Provides contact information for rape crisis centers in Massachusetts

Michigan Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence

(517) 347-7000

Provided leadership as the statewide voice for survivors of domestic and sexual violence and the programs that serve them since 1978.

Michigan Department of Human Services: Domestic Violence


Provides a resource directory

Minnesota Coalition Against Sexual Assault


Provides a list of resources and information about sexual abuse



Hosts the statewide crisis hotline that connects callers to the nearest service or agency in their geographic area

Mississippi Coalition Against Sexual Assault


Provides a list of Mississippi crisis centers and sexual abuse resources

Mississippi DHHS: Domestic Violence and Rape


Helps locate local rape crisis centers

Missouri Coalition Against Domestic Violence


Works to ensure advocates and allied professionals have the information and resources they need to support victims of domestic violence in Missouri

Legal Services of Missouri

(816) 474-6750

Directory of Missouri domestic violence resources

Montana Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence


A statewide coalition of individuals and organizations working together to end domestic and sexual violence through advocacy, public education, public policy, and program development in Montana

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