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Children’s Rights Council (CRC)

Child support calculator, child support enforcement agencies by state, information on joint custody, example of a shared parenting agreement statement, information about tax considerations, courtroom tips

National Association of Counsel for Children

1-888-828-NACC (828-6222)

Attorney search by state and child law blog

Association of Family and Conciliation Courts

(608) 664-3750

Preparing for a custody evaluation parenting plan guides, co-parenting communication guide, mediation guide, parenting coordination process, information on the family law court system

3 Step Divorce


Legitimate online divorce with addressing property, debt, children, and other relevant issues, online negotiation tool

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

24-hour call center: 1-800-THE-LOST (1-800-843-5678) Phone: 703-224-2150

Information on how to report or take steps to prevent child abduction.

Find the Children

(310) 314-3213

Sometimes custody cases leave children vulnerable to the threat of child abduction. This website provides education, prevention, and recovery tools for parents of children who have been or are at-risk of being abducted by a family member.

Divorce Net

Free legal information, child support and custody guide, lawyer search

Divorce Support


Listing of lawyers and mediators by state, support forum, legal guide by state, tools for recovering from divorce, custody and child support resources, divorce documents, downloadable books and divorce information

Divorce Magazine

(866) 803-6667

Free download of Divorce Magazine by state. Read articles written by lawyers in your state and find websites to their law offices.

Second Wives Club

Sometimes, a single mom may start dating and become involved in the lives of other children and needs to prepare for the role of stepmom, or just gain helpful insights on how to be "another woman" in the lives of her significant other's children. It is possible that a single mom can also gain a better outlook on dealing with her child(ren)'s stepmother, by understanding the issues that her child(ren)'s stepmom is dealing with.

Mom’s Divorce

Legal help, including and a guide to attorney contributors and state statutes, information on child custody and child support, social networking community forum to connect with attorney contributors and women who are going through similar experiences, divorce tools for finding a lawyer, counselor, financial advisor, private investigator, real estate agent, podcasts, articles, web resources

American Bar Association


Guide to legal help by state, including lawyer referral, free legal help, legal information, self-help, and guide to state court systems

Women’s Institute for Financial Education (WIFE)


Financial tools and advice for women, with a special section on divorce

Second Saturday

Workshops across the USA, articles on legal, financial, child well-being, and emotional help

First Wives World

Divorce support for women, private, secure social networking, forums, discussions, groups, and the ability for members to form their own private, anonymous support group online, resources, articles offering advice on issues related to divorce, written by professional contributors, including psychotherapists, child and adolescent psychiatrists, divorce mediators, co-parenting mediators, divorce coaches, family therapists, clinical social workers, financial advisors, and more.



Support groups and seminars around the world, online study for self-healing, daily encouragement via email

Online resource kit to help children who are dealing with divorce in their families

Texas Legal Services Center


Health Law Project: offers guidance with medical coverage changes for free

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