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Divorce Source


Online divorce tools, including online divorce, online parenting plan, online divorce negotiation, online custody and support tracker, online child analysis and evaluation, online mandatory parenting class, online divorce calendar, online qualified domestic relations orders, divorce encyclopedia, and an research tool to find information and professional help by state.

Second Wives Club

Sometimes, a single mom may start dating and become involved in the lives of other children and needs to prepare for the role of stepmom, or just gain helpful insights on how to be "another woman" in the lives of her significant other's children. It is possible that a single mom can also gain a better outlook on dealing with her child(ren)'s stepmother, by understanding the issues that her child(ren)'s stepmom is dealing with.

Nolo Law for All

Do-it-yourself resource for divorce, child support, and custody.

Divorce Central

Guide to state laws regarding divorce, custody, and child support, member forum, parenting handbook, and archive of chats with experts on divorce.

Law Info

(800) 397-3743

Free legal forms, legal resource library, and find an attorney search engine

Resolution System Institute

Resource center for Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) featuring a state-by-state guide to court ADR. There is an additional guide for accessing ADR for poor and low-income disputants.

Between Two Homes

Sample of a co-parenting plan contract and allocation of parental rights and duties chart, printable forms, and recommended books and media.

Cooperative Parenting Institute

(404) 273-3370, (570) 586-5669

Online parenting coordination training program, parenting coordination training workshops at various locations, "Divorce Rules" from a child's perspective, downloadable parenting coordination forms

Child Centered Solutions

(503) 546-6383

Glossary of family law terms, downloadable pamphlet on putting children first during family conflicts

Family Affaires

Community support forum on divorce, articles about divorce

Supervised Visitation Network

(904) 419-7861

Parental guide to making child-focused vitiation decisions, parent handbook on supervised visits

Good Therapy

Find-a-therapist database, guide to selecting a good therapist, glossary of therapy terms

Divorce 360

Free anonymous support from the online community, find lawyers, financial professionals, and coaches in your area, checklist for the divorce process, glossary of divorce, mediation, and custody terms, videos on divorce topics, divorce, custody, and child support resources by state.

Divorce Money Matters


Sign up for a free divorce financial fitness kit, which is sent via e-mail and includes: 50 questions to ask before hiring a divorce attorney, "5-steps to Beginning a Winning Divorce" e-book, important documents worksheet (to help you get organized for getting a financially fit settlement), monthly divorce e-zine, weekly motivational wisdom reminders.

Divorce Town


Free navigational guide to divorce: "with money and sanity saving tips on how to avoid common, costly, and permanent mistakes on divorce."

American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy

(703) 838-9808

Therapist locator and family therapy resources

My Therapy Couch

Divorce and separation community forum

Divorce Recovery Suite

Guide to state law statutes in both formal and easy-to-understand terms, chat room, do-it-yourself divorce guide, forms and articles pertaining to divorce, online learning center

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