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Boston IVF--The Maine Center

888-300-BIVF (2483)

Located in South Portland, Boston IVF’s The Maine Center provides the same cutting edge reproductive technologies and exceptional patient care as our renowned locations throughout Boston -- but with the added convenience of being closer to home.

Fertility Centers of New England


By focusing on the individual needs of each patient they achieve success rates among the highest in the nation. They believe cost shouldn’t get in the way of building a family. They boast an affordable option. With their IVF ASSIST program IVF is $7,200 per cycle. If pregnancy doesn’t occur after two cycles, the third is free of charge.

RESOLVE General Infertility Support Group


Monthly support group

Resolve Infertility Support Group ,Portland Maine

Face to Face Support for Men & Women struggling to conceive. Infertility Peer Group Support facilitated by Anne Belden.

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