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Adoption and foster care services

Northwest Adoption Exchange


Adoption is a life long process and the need for support and guidance does not end when a child is placed in an adoptive home. There are a variety of services and resources available to families after placement and once again after the adoption is legalized in court. MARE has pre- and post-adoption services for the child and the family.

Barker Adoption Foundation


Our comprehensive adoption center offers: Pregnancy Services Domestic Infant Program Older Child Program (PWNL) International Programs Post Adoption Services

Child Welfare Information Gateway


Child welfare issues with adoption

Adopt DC Kids

(202) 671-5683

Foster care, adoption and child services

Latin American Youth Center

(202) 319-2225

Foster care for latino DC residents

Northwest Adoption Exchange



Foster Parent Association of Eastern WA

(509) 363-3473

Foster information and community

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