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Coodinators 2 inc.


C2inc a non-profit, Virginia-licensed agency offering training and education, placement and support services. The agency's unique approach to adoption is reflected in the range and types of services we offer and the lifetime partnership we provide to adoptive and birth families and adoptees.



Adoption and foster care services

Northwest Adoption Exchange


Adoption is a life long process and the need for support and guidance does not end when a child is placed in an adoptive home. There are a variety of services and resources available to families after placement and once again after the adoption is legalized in court. MARE has pre- and post-adoption services for the child and the family.

Barker Adoption Foundation


Our comprehensive adoption center offers: Pregnancy Services Domestic Infant Program Older Child Program (PWNL) International Programs Post Adoption Services

Try Again Homes


Try-Again Homes, Inc. is dedicated to serving less fortunate children and families. Strong need to help abused, neglected and troubled children and families, TAH provides specialized programs such as foster care and adoption, as well as a continuum of community-based services and innovative therapeutic counseling programs for the children and families in need.

KVC West Virginia


Foster care, adoptions, and home therapy and counseling

Grow Hope


Adoption and foster care services

Saint A


Saint A provides adoption licensing and services, taking great care to match the varied needs of a child with the skills and experience of the foster or adoptive parent. We’re all about helping foster and adoptive children succeed – and thrive.

Wyoming Children’s Society


Adoption services and birthmother resources

Wyoming Adoption and Foster care Alliance


Adoption and foster care services



Adoption and foster care resources

Adopt Help


Newborn domestic adoption, resources, outreach programs

Vista Del Mar Child and Family Services


Adoption services, special education help, autism, counseling, residential treatment

Alabama Foster and Adoption Parent Association (AFAPA)


Foster care, adoption, protective services

Alabama Pre/Post Adoption Connections (APAC)


Adoption servies and readoption

Adopt US Kids


Families wanting to foster kids or adopt

Faces of Adoption


Administrating adoptmatch, finding forever homes for foster kids and kids waiting for adoption

Child Welfare Information Gateway


Child welfare issues with adoption

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