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Kids Count Too


Foster care and adoption services to Ohio provides homes for children who may otherwise be placed in a group home.

Heritage Family Services


Heritage Family Services provides a complete range of adoption services the professional staff of Heritage will guide you through the adoption process while also providing your family with encouragement and support.

Adoption Avenues


This is an international adoption agency, licensed by the state of Oregon. Our agency was founded by people with extensive experience in international adoptions and working with orphaned children overseas.

A Family For Every Child


A Family for Every Child is dedicated to finding loving, permanent families for every waiting foster child.

Adoption Services, Inc.


Adoption and foster care resources

Adoption Network Law center


Adoption and foster care resources

Alliance for Children


Adoption, family preservation and post adoption work.

A Chosen Child Adoption Services


A Chosen Child Adoption Services specializes in international and SC adoption home studies. ACC’s goal is to unite families through adoption. Free counseling and other collateral adoption support services are available to birth parents.

Nightlight Adoptions


Nightlight is currently offering international adoption assistance in Bulgaria, Haiti, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Romania, Taiwan, Ukraine, United Kingdom, China, Hong Kong, Nicaragua, Panama, and Uganda. Our domestic adoption program offers adoption counseling services to women and men facing an unplanned pregnancy. Nightlight provides home study, pre-adoption education and post-adoption services for families residing in states where we are licensed.

New Horizons


New Horizons offers several different types of adoption, including both domestic and international programs. NH will work closely with you to help you determine which type of adoption is best for your family.

Children’s Home Society of South Dakota


Children's Home Society’s mission is to protect, support and enhance the lives of children and families. CHS programs include emergency shelter, residential treatment & education for children ages 4-14, foster care & adoption services, forensic interview and exam centers, and prevention & education resources.

Bethany Christian Services


Domestic and international adoptions

Harmony Family Center


Harmony’s mission is to serve children, families and communities through counseling, education, and adoption. Harmony’s focus has been finding forever families for children, domestically, internationally, and through the child-welfare system.

Texas Adoption Services


Birthparent and adoption parents' needs

Adoption Angels


Professional one-on-one guidance about the adoption process, financial and emotional counseling

Utah Foster Care


Utah Foster Care a non-profit organization, finds, educates, and supports families to care for children placed in foster care. Children are in foster care because of neglect and abuse. They deserve to be in stable and loving homes—with a chance to have a normal childhood. As a foster parent, you’re part of a team of child advocates dedicated to reunifying a child with their parents. When reunification is not possible, you can make your commitment to the child permanent by adopting.

Friends in Adoption


Friends in Adoption (FIA) is a non-profit, pro-choice, licensed agency with a focus on helping people make informed decisions concerning adoption. FIA is committed to open adoption, inclusiveness, and providing lifelong support to all members of the adoption circle.

Forever Families


Serving all of Virginia, Forever Families Adoption Services, Inc. is a licensed, private, non-profit adoption services agency dedicated to providing the best home study, parental placement, education and post placement services to help create forever families. 

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