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Sons & Daughters

Lena Horne: A Pioneer in Art and Life

African American actress and singer Lena Horne was born in 1917 in Brooklyn, New York, the daughter of a banker and an actress. After her parents d...


Respect: Emma González

“It’s their job to make our world better.” —Emma González


The Art of Modern Matchmaking

Is matchmaking the new Bumble?

Everyday All-Stars

Making It Work: Attorney on a Mission

Karen Hester strives to make the legal profession more diverse and inclusive


Going Back to School Is Good for Your Kids

Children of Solo Moms who went back to school give their moms an A+


Everything You Need to Know About Collaborative Divorce

Could you be one of the lucky few to avoid litigation?

Featured Resource Articles

Domestic Violence

“Goodbye, Sweet Girl” Is a Searing Portrayal of Marriage, Abuse, and Strength

Author Kelly Sundberg shares her story of domestic violence

Wellness - Mental Health

Managing Chronic Pain

How CBD and a massage therapist changed my life


Tips for Being Kind to the Earth Even as a Solo Parent

Don’t be overwhelmed by recycling—little changes can go a long way

Wellness - Mental Health

Do Solo Moms by Choice Have a Right to Ever Complain?

You made the decision to go it alone . . . but that doesn’t mean you hav...


How to Deal with Hair Discrimination in Day Care and School

When rules about hairstyles are culturally biased


Be There for Your Teenage Daughter—Even When She’s at Her Worst

Eleven tips to help your teen daughter maintain emotional connection and...

Wellness - Mental Health

Are You Willing to Be Selfish?

Five rewards for making self-care a priority

Special Needs

Is Your Teen with Special Needs Ready for a Job?

Things to consider when helping your child enter the job market


Why I Started Yoga for Families of Addiction

How abusive text messages and yoga saved my soul

Work and Finances

When Money Gets Tight, I Bake Bread

Outside-the-box ideas when you need to make the dough

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